This beautiful pot of Bone Broth in the making is credited to one of our wonderful customers. Thanks Lynn!

Tips For Creating Gelatinous Bone Broth

The Jigglier, The Better!

This past week we had two lovely ladies drive out to The Farm Stand to pick up their orders of Bone Broth Fixin's.  We're talking Chicken Backs, Necks, and Feet.  They were so excited to make their batches of Bone Broth when they got back home.  Lynn's picture above is one of the pots of broth made from our Bone Broth Fixin's.  I'll share Cindy's picture a little further down in this article.  They loved the taste of their broth and one of them even canned hers. But something was wasn't gelatinous.  That big word just means it didn't become jiggly and jelly like after it cooled.  Talking with them later about why their broth is sometimes gelatinous and other times not...I got to thinking, "you know, that's my broth too!"  After pondering it some more I realized that when I made my broth or cooked a whole chicken in my crockpot, I ended up with gelatinous Bone Broth.  But when I made broth in a large pot on the stove, it didn't always turn out to be a pot full of jiggly jelly like broth.  Why is that???  These two ladies really got my thinking juices flowing.  I kept pondering about a story told about my Grandparents selling broth at the local market. Do you know how they sold their broth?  Not in containers, not in bowls, but BY THE SLICE!  Yep, you read that correctly.  Grammie's bone broth was so gelatinous that they could slice it and sell it to their customers by the slice.  That is so amazing, folks! So today I'm going to share with you a list of pointers and tips that I have gathered from my mother, my Grammie, and some books that I've read recently on how to make GELATINOUS pots of delicious, healthy, bone broth for all your soups and gravies.  Let's dive in!

This large pot of deliciousness is credited to another sweet customer of ours.  Yes, Folks, those are real chicken feet simmering away in that bone broth.  Thanks for sharing your picture, Cindy! 

Step by Step Instructions to Making Your Very Own Healthy Bone Broth

1.) Use high quality bones and skin from pasture raised animals.  Animals that are truly pastured have a higher level of collagen which creates our much sought after "sliceable broth".

2.) Make sure as much of the skin as possible and feet are added to your broth pot.  This will raise the level of collagen in your broth to the max.

3.) Do NOT use too much water.  You want more bones and skin than you have water.  Only use enough water that will just cover your Bone Broth Fixins.

4.) Do NOT bring to a rolling boil.  This high heat will break down the collagen fibers which causes the broth to not coagulate or congeal. So, watch your pot of broth carefully, heat over medium heat until it starts to barely "roll", then turn it down to low heat and simmer gently.

5.) Simmer very gently for up to 24 hours.  Turn off heat and let cool completely.  Drain out all the bones and place the broth in the refrigerator.  When cooled you can scoop/scrape off the fat if you would like.  All the fat rises to the top and becomes hard when cooled.  This is an easy way to defat your broth before using it.  However, this fat is very healthy for you, so leaving some in the broth is completely fine.

6.) Now you can use your healthy broth for all kinds of delicious and nutritious foods like soups, gravy, stews, seasoning. and for just drinking.  It's a great way to fulfill your daily nutritional needs.   Enjoy!


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